rasa naylor partnership announcement

Naylor and rasa.io Partner to Launch AI-Powered eNewsletters

We are excited to announce our most recent partnership with Naylor Association Solutions!

In partnering with Naylor, we will further strengthen our shared goal of improving the quality of association communications and member satisfaction, while eliminating the need for additional staff effort. The rasa.io solution will leverage Naylor to be able to create customized content at scale for newsletter subscribers.

The Communications Solution

Associations are producing and sharing valuable content for their members, but with businesses and individuals sending 246.5 billion emails per day, it easy for that information to get lost in a crowded inbox. rasa.io AI-powered emails will increase visibility for association news and resources through automation and personalization. The Smart Newsletter solution is a way for organizations to reduce the amount of time it takes to curate their email communications, while increasing the amount of time members spend consuming their information.

Naylor will offer rasa.io’s product to enhance two types of eBriefs: the member communication-based AI newsletter and the career-focused AI CareerBrief

The newsletter product will use rasa.io’s AI platform to collect relevant content from thousands of public sources and send individualized news to each subscriber. The rasa.io platform engagement analytics then offer valuable insights into members’ topical preferences, which associations can use to guide programming and other marketing decisions.

The AI CareerBrief will increase engagement with association job boards by increasing their site traffic, as the technology makes personalized job recommendations for each user. The eBrief will also incorporate career development content, such as interview tips and industry forecasts.

“We’re confident that this platform will result in tangible benefits for our associations in the form of improved membership engagement and satisfaction, and increased revenue for associations.” - Laura Taylor, Vice President of Digital Operations and Development for Naylor

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3 Ways to Prevent Data Decay

3 Ways to Prevent Data Decay

Customer data in the Digital Age is extremely valuable. We are seeing companies harness data to personalize and improve the customer experience more and more as marketing technologies advance. There are plenty of platforms out there that help organizations gather and store their customer data but keeping that data up-to-date is where many CRM systems fall behind. Customer data decays at a rapid rate of 30% per year. Rotten data does not give you an accurate view of your customers and can have a negative impact on your entire business. This decay is not a result of customers purposely withholding their information, in fact studies show that the majority of customers are more than willing to share their data for personalized, efficient experiences. So, how can you ensure that your data stays as fresh as possible?

1. Engage your audience frequently

Frequent communication with your members or subscribers is crucial for keeping them engaged. Recurring (but not repetitive) communications will maximize your chances of reaching your audience. When your communications are meaningful and frequent, your customers are more likely to engage on a deeper level. The more engaged they are, the less likely they are to drop off the map.

2. Personalize your communications

Customers crave personalization and 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. Gather the data from your continuous and relevant communications and use it to better personalize future marketing efforts and increase open and click rates.

3. Automate with AI

Implementing processes to execute on the above can take tons of time and effort if done manually. Luckily, you can use AI to automate the frequency, personalization, and management of your messages. AI can gather your customer data in real time so that every future communication for that individual can be curated to their interests during that particular time. Integrating your AI tool with your CRM will keep your customer information as fresh as possible and prevent the negative impact of data decay.

You can begin on a path toward fresh and useful data today

Learn about how you can use our AI platform for Smart Newsletters to help keep your member data current, useful, and actionable.

rasa.io Core Purpose: To Better Inform the World Using Artificial Intelligence

Informing the World About Artificial Intelligence for Associations and Our Recent Webinar

The concepts of Artificial Intelligence and how AI can be applied to real world scenarios in the association world are abstract to many people. Through speaking to our customers and prospective clients, it has become clear that one of our primary missions is to help people understand how our AI can better inform the world - and their worlds.

How your association can use AI right now

In the beginning of the year, we posted a series on 3 ways that your association can utilize AI right now in order to achieve organizational goals. We broke down 3 very tangible ways that associations can implement AI with little start up cost and effort: website chatbots in order to intelligently answer and triage member queries; AI-generated daily newsbriefs which deliver industry news intelligently curated based upon a members likes and interests; and intelligent connections, so that you can be the engine behind forging meaningful relationships between your members.

Our webinar: Learning more about AI and associations

A few weeks ago we continued on our important mission of better informing the association world of tangible applications of AI when our Chairman, Amith Nagarajan, hosted a webinar: How Your Association Can Use Artificial Intelligence Right Now. We saw an incredible turnout rate, and, at the end of the session, we had more questions and inquiries from the audience than we had time to answer! We therefore want to make sure that our webinar recording is accessible to all who want to learn about this exciting technology and its practical applications.

Watch our practical applications of Artificial Intelligence webinar!

Going forward and spreading the AI word

Most recently, Amith and Jared Loftus, our Chief Revenue Officer attended ASAE’s (The American Society of Association Executives) Great Ideas Conference, where they continued to spread the good AI word. Amith was chosen to give a conference session on how this sometimes seemingly intangible topic is relevant to the association world right now.

Our important work of informing the world is ongoing. One of the most exciting aspects of being part of the rasa.io team is being at the cutting edge of this exciting technology. We love talking about how our product fits into the greater context of artificial intelligence in the association world.

Do you want to know more about how you can use AI to better inform your association’s community? Schedule a demo to learn about our rasa.io newsbrief, which delivers individualized, daily news to your members. Alternatively, you can join our upcoming product demo webinar: register now.

The Internet Isn’t Engaging Anymore

While starting to write this, I caught myself cycling. Jumping quickly from Facebook to Twitter to my email to my phone and then Snapchat and so on. This happens all the time; there’s so much noise out there pulling my attention away from everything else. That same noise is affecting the content that I’m putting out.

There are many factors that have contributed to this feeling of “information overload” in the last decade. But this isn’t a new phenomenon. As writing became more common in Ancient Greece, Plato decried that “this discovery will create forgetfulness in the learner’s soul.” European scholars felt the abundance of books created by Gutenberg’s printing press was ruinous, even comparing it to an epidemic. And of course there’s the World Wide Web, with its ever growing glut of content and big data.

While writing and books aren’t bad-mouthed anymore (though this may depend on where you are), the age of the Internet may actually be the wave that really overwhelms us. Plato could never have imagined a constant stream of information flashing before your eyes in every waking moment. How can you make sure the content you produce is engaging?


Recommendation Matters

Recommendations make navigating the world a little easier. Trusting something is easier knowing it has good reviews or that a friend actively enjoys it. Recommendation systems like Netflix’s movie recommendations or Spotify’s Discover Weekly are a much valued part of their respective platform. It is worth delving into how your work is being recommended - not just shared - especially if you’re in the process of crafting viral strategies. The future of big data is intelligent Recommendation AI that are capable of using all the data that’s out there about what others are reading and enjoying and using that data to recommend relating and engaging content. As machine learning and AI takes off, staying on top of the revolution is something I’d highly recommend.

No more clickbait

I have a bad habit of oversubscribing to email lists. If it seems tangentially related to something I’m interested or doing, I think “why not?” One of my favorites is CBInsights newsletter which focuses on analyzing the data of private companies and their markets. And my favorite thing about them is that their emails is that the subject line sounds natural. As a conscious consumer of content on the internet, I’m more likely to stay engaged if I don’t feel actively manipulated by what I’m looking at. Be cognizant of the articles you're putting out and make sure they're trying to provide real value; not just clicks.

Steal like an artist

Poet and author Austin Rheon’s book Steal Like an Artist lives on my coffee table. It’s small and square and very black, in fact its actual shape looks very artsy and creative. Rheon’s book has an interesting thesis - nothing is completely original and all creative work builds on what came before. And this artsy looking book that I originally bought for its looks holds a capital T Truth. Through the noise of all the information, anybody who cares about putting their work on the internet should be constantly stealing. Their is modern-day Library of Alexandria at all of our fingertips and this way, the Information Age is a blessing. There is so much to take from that there will always be a chance of finding inspiration. The web is full of great content, help showcase some of it by retweeting/curating.