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American Marketing Association Case Study: Marketers Using AI-Powered Newsletters

Our most recent case study: The American Marketing Association

All of us at are excited to share our newest case study. This one features the American Marketing Association, which provides a community for marketers across the globe. AMA needed a way to engage their 100,000+ email subscribers on a regular basis and they began using in order to deliver a daily marketing email, quickly and easily. helps AMA engage their subscribers on a regular basis, keep them up to date with the latest marketing news, and keep them involved with the organization.

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From David Klein, AMA Chief Content Officer

“We’ve loved the opportunity to combine content with relevant posts from around the web in a way that’s personalized to the reader’s interests...We previously created each newsletter from scratch which meant we could only release one per week. Now we can offer subscribers content Monday through Friday.”

News personalization

Using newsletter analytics and AI-powered personalization, AMA is able to deliver individualized subject lines and newsletter formats that are most likely to peak their subscribers’ interests and keep them engaged for the long-term. Most importantly, has been the most clicked news source within the newsletter, so the newsletter is driving significant increases in website traffic. And the numbers speak for themselves: their marketing newsletter has a 42% monthly engagement rate, far surpassing industry standards.

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Australian Dental Association Customer Case Study: A Daily Dose of Dental News

Announcing our latest case study!

All of us at are excited to publish our latest case study sharing our work with the Australian Dental Association!

The ADA had been publishing an email newsletter prior to working with, but they were looking to give their email news a boost with the power of personalization. AI was just what they needed in order to provide higher quality content to their members. Following a quick setup with the team, the ADA was first able to quickly achieve efficiencies around distribution. 

From Damian Mitsch, CEO of the Australian Dental Association

Incredible engagement followed, as Damian Mitsch - CEO of the Australian Dental Association - describes the impact of the newsletter:

“We wanted a way to send our members personalized dental news, while ensuring that our own ADA news pieces were effectively distributed and consumed. The personalization has resulted in tremendous engagement: our average open rate is 68% and our average click rate is 13%. You just can’t obtain those rates without amplified member personalization.” 

Read the full case study here!

Not only is Australian Dental able to achieve engagement benefits, they are also able to gain insight into the topics their members value.’s AI-enabled platform allows the ADA to determine the most popular topics amongst their members and craft their content strategy accordingly. And to top it all off, they are saving valuable hours every week.

“We are very happy to collaborate with the Australian Dental Association and expand’s focus. We are looking forward to continue our international work as we help our clients succeed and pursue’s mission to Better Inform the World,” says Erica Salm Rench, Director of Client and Market Success.

With, the ADA has been able to provide more personalized content to their members, use insights to produce more relevant original content, and achieve these benefits while saving time. 

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