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Rethink Your Member Strategy with These Inspiring Psychology Videos

By: Stephanie Pelch 02 Mar 2016


Is your brain awash with words like “conversion” “engage” and “hack”? Slowly, calmly, step away from the business buzzwords. Associations that are serious about taking a fresh approach to member strategy can benefit from more well rounded, multidisciplinary perspectives.

These videos from PopTech and Big Think discussing different Psychology subjects are more relevant to your association member strategy than you may realize.

Via PopTech

Soft Skills Matter

Associations can benefit from taking a closer look at empathy, social intelligence and creativity when hiring employees and volunteers. Irene Au discusses the importance of these soft skills and how to build them personally and professionally with physical activity.

Brain Waves and How People Behave

Understanding brain waves is a key to understanding human behavior and what types of messages are the most effective in changing it. Associations can benefit from understanding how to measure messaging and predict behaviors of current and future members. Emily Falk discusses brain activity studies involving different messaging tones and how they affect decision making.



Via Big Think

A Simple Mind Trick Will Help You Think More Rationally

Association professional or not, we can all benefit from a dose of rationality. Dan Ariely explains how listening and perspective are some of the most powerful practices in the search for objectivity. (Like how we all need to be reminded to listen to members more intently sometimes, nudge nudge).



How to Persuade Other with The Right Questions

Knowing what types of questions to ask members is a game changer for any association. Daniel H. Pink uses family-inspired examples on how to persuade people to act by asking the right questions, and making sure you ask them the right way.



Staying focused on your field is never something to be ashamed of, but don’t get caught with blinders on. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to your business problems can be great for the problem-solving process, and for your sanity.


Stephanie Pelch

Written by Stephanie Pelch

02 Mar 2016 in associations, leadership

Staff Writer at rasa.io

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