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Don't Pass Along. Plan! How to be Smart about Curating Content.

By: Christian Britto 23 Feb 2016

Exposure for Associations is about understanding and focused strategy.

Passing along third party content is at the core of social media platforms and the fuel of all of our favorite viral videos and posts. But the art of curating content deserves more planning and attention to detail if you want to do it in a way that benefits your business and strengthens your brand. When done right, curating content can entertain and convert large audiences. Here are 3 mantras to keep in mind to sharpen your curation game.


Research before your Repost!

For many professionals, sharing content is still rooted in their mind as an informal, more personal pastime, which is why many of them end up turning their business’ news feed into a collection of things they find personally appealing. However, it’s necessary to approach content curation with your brand and marketing strategy in mind.

Do not let the sharing craze of social media overshadow the tone of your brand. It’s not about sharing your preferences with your followers. Curating content for a business on any platform is, at its core, Marketing. As with any move you make in the marketing spectrum, you’re going to want to keep a clear vision of your target user profile in mind and apply this to a content strategy. Yes, that content is curated, but it still needs a strategy. Do your research on what your audience likes and form a plan accordingly.


Remember Who the Expert Is

After you’ve internalized the message above and have a clear profile of your target audience in mind, turn the mirror on yourself and remind yourself that although you are not creating the content, you carry the responsibility of slowly but steadily supporting a strong brand through this strategic sharing.Try:

  • Providing your followers with your own commentary (either direct or indirect) for every post.
  • Seeking out content that reflects your services or philosophies as a brand and tie back into work that you are doing.
  • Being not only observative, but insightful. This helps your audience to associate you with the positive reputation of the larger players you post content from.


Be a Consistent Voice in the Conversation

The long game of content curation is very important.  

Although it seems that internet fads change daily and posts get buried in news feeds all too quickly, rember that some of the most popular accounts on social media and other sharing platforms reach success only after maintaining a consistent voice for several months or years. On top of that, they have implanted themselves into the third party content by way of interacting with followers directly throughout the platform.

Always remember that the end game is to interact meaningfully with the audience.

It’s a conversation. While you are not creating every article you repost, be willing and ready to have thought-provoking discussions with your followers in the comment section and other platform media

Effective curation will add value to your identity and mirror your company’s core purpose and values through other’s content.  All leaders should be open to taking advantage of this activity to prove their worth by sharing inspirational, informative content and building trust in their brand.


Christian Britto

Written by Christian Britto

23 Feb 2016 in content marketing

Christian is the Operations Manager at rasa.io

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