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How Association Managers Use Data Analysis to Boost Online Engagement

By: Christian Britto 16 Feb 2017

How Association Managers use Data to Boost Online Engagement

Association managers must be able to spread their mission and thoroughly engage their communities. We know that tracking information about members can be tough work, especially with old data, or data that you aren't confident is relatively correct or clean. Even member focus groups can sometimes yield unproductive information for managers. This is why rasa.io as a platform for online engagement exists. Not only does the platform allow members to access the community from the comfort of their home or office, it gives association managers in depth data that can be leveraged not just for the community but also the organization as a whole.

Data collection is vital to a community manager's ability to understand the needs of their community. Through group portals like rasa.io, one can capture, store and analyze community data. This process of analyzing can help a community organizer optimize certain parts of their organization. Analyzing data can allow the discovery of correlations that may not have arisen without this new, more hands-on approach.

Online ommunity platforms, like rasa.io, provide concrete, statistical information presented as easy to understand visuals. These visuals give insight into member activity. Everything from how members interact with the community, to who your best users are, is clearly presented. This gives managers a starting point to make changes in their organization to increase member engagement. Below are two examples of how data and analytics is used to analyze and serve your community.

Let’s get hands on with data analysis! 

Community Logins

Let’s start with one of the more important analytics graphs that is accessible within the rasa.io platform. The graph shows member logins throughout the month. As you can see, the highest number of logins was on 1/27/17. Not only was this the highest number of logins, it is more than double the amount of unique visitors as the next highest number of logins. Being able to analyze this is key to optimizing your organization to best serve your community.

There can be many reasons for this spike in logins. A piece of content may have been published that truly resonates with the community. Perhaps an event occurred that day and people were online discussing it. Only someone who understands the full scope of their organization and community platform would be able to properly analyze why a spike like this occurs and then use the information productively.

community logins-1.png

Let’s say for example that there was a piece of content published every day on your platform, and the graph above represents community logins to see that content. On 1/27/17 there was a huge spike, which can mean that the topic of the content is something that your community is very interested in. To drive members to continue logging in, consider creating content around a similar topic as the day that traffic spiked.

Try creating another version of the same content, but perhaps more in depth. Adding the term  “Part 2” to the end of the original title is a great way to position the post to resonate with the readers of the initial post where the spike in logins occurred.

Creating content that your users find useful is key to boosting member engagement in an online community. You know they enjoyed the content that day, so use that to your advantage when creating more!

Most Active Users

Another very important data visual you can leverage with rasa.io is most active users. Below is a chart that shows the Most Active Users on the platform. While there are hundreds of users that can be seen, below I have displayed only the top 5. As you can see, the first user has the greatest number of posts, comments and likes. However, it is the second user that has the most logins. People with high login numbers, while they may not post comments or "like" items as often, are some of your most in-tuned users. This information can best serve your community in many ways.

active users.png

If you have members of your community contribute content, consider reaching out to people with high login numbers but low post numbers. If you are doing any sort of giveaways, you can reward your most active users. This can make them even more engaged with your community. Users with high login numbers may also be best to reach out to for in-depth feedback.

Before data analysis, it was tough for a community manager to tell at a meeting who the most engaged users were. Now, data is able to accurately tell us. To best serve your organization, you must first understand the full scope of your association's engagement, and then analyze its performance.  


While in this post we covered just two of the data analytics tools included in the rasa.io platform, there are many more that help you get deep into data with your members. If you are interested in scheduling a demo with a rasa.io team member to learn more about the platform and how it can help you best serve your community, click the button below!


Christian Britto

Written by Christian Britto

16 Feb 2017 in

Christian is the Operations Manager at rasa.io

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