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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Learns Your Internet Habits

By: Christian Britto 08 Feb 2017

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Learns Your Internet Habits

artifical intelligence

Imagine you’re on Facebook, and an old friend has posted several pictures of her new baby. Of course you click the like button, react with emojis and even comment on the adorableness – you know, just to be supportive and polite. Now, your entire feed is chock-full of baby pictures – not just your friend’s new tot, but a variety of baby-related posts.

Artificial intelligence is at work here, tracking what kind of things you like and making sure you get plenty of it in your feed.

A mere 30 or so years ago, the words “artificial intelligence” sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. It sounded a little scary, frankly. Nowadays, most of us understand that artificial intelligence, or AI, is a much more prosaic thing: a powerful data-gathering (and data-interpreting) tool that has an extensive impact on the online world.

In fact, AI is fast becoming one of the biggest revolutions in community tools.

So, how does artifical intelligence work?

There are a variety of factors at play, but here are the most prevalent ones:

  • Topic or Content of the Post – Over time, AI gets to know what topics you tend to interact with, and then continues to make sure the content in your feed reflects the topics you’ve shown you care about. If you’re always posting about deep-sea fishing and interacting with others who have the same interest, AI will make sure there are plenty of fishy stories in your feed.

  • People– you have a tendency to interract with some people more than others. You may only regularly chat with a set few, or you’ll find that posts by some people resonate more than by others. The AI can see whose posts you tend to respond to and which users you interact with, and it will tailor your feed accordingly. In other words, the AI technology is the entity that causes you to see the things and people you’re most interested in when you’re in that community.
  • Time – the more recent a post is, the more likely you are to interact with it. If it’s old or seems outdated, you might ignore it, even if it’s something you usually post about. So recency is important to AI, as well as the time of day you tend to interact online. Most people’s online habits follow a regular timetable.


Did you know that AI gets smarter over time?

That's what makes it such an invaluable tool.

AI continues to “learn” and evolve what it knows about users online. Based on what you do– what you like, what you respond to and whom you respond to – it learns more about you with every interaction. It even understands changes in your online behavior. So while the AI may have had you pegged as a football fan in the fall and winter, by springtime it notices you’re more into baseball, and your feed is then tailored accordingly.

The rasa.io platform utilizes modern AI.

This gives community members the most engaging content!

rasa.io has been an early adopter of AI technology, having already incorporated this automation into its platform. AI technology gathers information about each user, then smoothly customizes each feed to better engage them. This technology is what keeps the rasa.io communities dynamic and compelling. As you interact in the association community, AI is gathering information about you, not to hurt you like in the kitschy old sci-fi movie, but to help you by providing the kind of content you’ve indicated (by your activity) that you have an interest in. 

If you want to know more about how rasa.io uses artifical intelligence in its platform, or about how rasa.io can help provide your community with the most engaging content, shoot us a brief message. We're always happy to chat!


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Christian Britto

Written by Christian Britto

08 Feb 2017 in online community, artificial intelligence

Christian is the Operations Manager at rasa.io

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